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Unlocking Post-ASH Insights

Global MPN Scientific Foundation is excited to share insights from a recent event organized by MPN Voice on March 8th. This online forum, focusing on Post ASH (American Society of Hematology) Updates, featured talks from esteemed experts in the field, offering valuable updates and perspectives on the latest advancements in MPN research and treatment.

The event brought together prominent figures, including Prof. Claire Harrison from Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS FT, Dr. Jonathan Lambert from University College London Hospitals NHS FT, and Dr. Bethan Psaila from Oxford University. Additionally, the Q&A session featured Dr. Natalia Curto-Garcia from Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS FT. Watch the full webinar now!

Source: MPN Voice

As of March 8, 2024, the information contained in the event remains accurate. We extend our sincere gratitude to MPN Voice, for organizing this event, and also to Prof. Harrison, Dr. Lambert, Dr. Psaila, and Dr. Curto-Garcia for their invaluable contributions to the MPN community. Their dedication and expertise play a crucial role in advancing knowledge and support for individuals affected by MPNs.

We invite you to join the Global MPN Scientific Foundation community to stay updated on the latest news, research, and events in the field of MPNs. Together, we can continue to drive progress and empower those living with MPNs.

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