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ASH 2023 Insights by Prof. Ruben Mesa and Prof. Serge Verstovsek

Global MPN Scientific Foundation brings exclusive insights from Prof. Ruben Mesa and Prof. Serge Verstovsek at ASH 2023. In a compelling video discussion, Peter Loffelhardt talks with these renowned experts and delve into groundbreaking MPN research, sharing their perspectives on recent publications and the future of MPNs. Gain profound insights directly from the forefront of MPN advancements.

The video conversation encapsulates the essence of ASH 2023, offering a glimpse into the evolving landscape of MPNs through the expertise of Prof. Ruben Mesa and Prof. Serge Verstovsek. Join us in exploring their valuable insights, guiding the future of MPN treatments and research.

Join the Global MPN Scientific Foundation to stay informed, engaged, and be part of the journey toward advancing MPN knowledge and care.

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