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We support your local MPN Community


Global MPN Scientific Foundation is a non-profit organization comprising a relevant network in the MPN field, with a shared vision of improving MPN patients' lives and promoting excellence and innovation in the MPN field.

We provide support and resources to local associations worldwide, helping them grow and prosper in a competitive and dynamic environment.

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By joining the Global MPN Scientific Foundation, local associations can benefit from the strength and diversity of a global network while maintaining their autonomy and identity.


Some of the ways that the Global MPN Scientific Foundation supports local associations are:

  • Provide access to online platforms and tools that enable collaboration, communication and learning between members and partners worldwide.

  • Provide opportunities for mentorship and MPN awareness through webinars, workshops, working groups etc.

  • Facilitate the exchange of best practices, knowledge and insights between associations and experts from different regions and sectors.

  • Advocate for the interests and values of the professional community at an international level, engaging with policymakers, stakeholders, and the media.

  • Promote a culture of diversity, inclusion and social responsibility among members and society.

We respect each association's uniqueness and sovereignty and encourage them to contribute to the network's shared goals and vision.


Let´s work together to achieve more than we could alone and create a better future for our patients and society.

We are currently working alongside with these associations:

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Contact us for further information

If you represent a local MPN association and are interested in joining us or learning more about us, don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your support!

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