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Where MPN patients meet!

This space allows patients to exchange experiences, ask questions, support each other and learn about the condition and its treatments. You can also connect with people who understand your situation, within a secure and private space, exclusive for MPN patients. 

Patients just like you

To assign you to the correct groups based on his diagnosis, treatment and symptoms, so that you get the most relevant information.

Precise information

To deliver precise information based on his specific needs, such as educational materials, support resources, clinical trials opportunities and medication updates.

Support network

We can create a network of support and communication among patients who may benefit from sharing information related to the same MPN disease.


One of the main advantages of joining our private groups is that you can enjoy a higher level of security and privacy than in groups created on social networks. 

Groups by MPN Type

You can also connect with other patients who have similar needs and experiences as you, and benefit from their support and advice.

GDPR compliant

Our platform is fully compliant with the GDPR and ensures that your personal data is protected and not shared with third parties.

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