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Mental Health and MPNs - Netherlands MPN Educational Roundtable

The MPN Educational Roundtables 2024 brought together a diverse group of international experts, patients, and advocates with a shared goal: to improve the lives of individuals affected by Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPNs). This collaborative initiative was designed to tackle the unique challenges faced by those living with MPNs, integrating innovative research, personal stories, and progressive treatment approaches to foster a comprehensive understanding and enhance patient care.

At the heart of the MPN Educational Roundtables, like the one held in the Netherlands, lies the convergence of personal stories and scientific research. Participants shared not just the medical side of MPNs but delved into the profound effects on mental health, quality of life, and the daily adaptations necessary to live with such conditions. 

The MPN Educational Roundtables have catalyzed a more cohesive and supportive MPN community, striving to improve the lives of patients worldwide.

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