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Sierra Oncology Signs Exclusive Global In-Licensing Agreement with AstraZeneca for Novel BET Inhibit

August 2021

Sierra Oncology has acquired an exclusive global license from AstraZeneca for AZD5153, a potent and selective BRD4 BET inhibitor with a novel bivalent binding mode. Sierra plans to initiate a Phase 2 study in the first half of 2022 to examine the combination of AZD5153 with momelotinib in myelofibrosis patients. Momelotinib is a selective JAK1, JAK2, and ACVR1/ALK2 inhibitor currently being investigated for the treatment of myelofibrosis.

The combination of JAK inhibition and BET inhibition has shown promise for myelofibrosis treatment. Sierra Oncology aims to leverage this combination to provide improved outcomes for patients. The agreement involves upfront and milestone payments to AstraZeneca, and Sierra will be responsible for the Phase 2 trial execution and global development and commercialization activities.

Link to the press release here.

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