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The Global MPN Scientific Foundation (GMPNSF) is a foundation established in 2021 by a group of hematologists and researchers with a strong interest in MPNs.
The GMPNSF is currently registered as a charitable non-profit foundation in Spain,
however, our charter is global. 

Our aim is to foster and coordinate global clinical as well as research collaborations.

We want to improve clinical practice and disease monitoring in MPNs. There are numerous activities that could come within this broad vision, but the initial focus is to meet the scientific needs regarding MPNs on a global basis.

This foundation is for everyone with an interest in MPNs!

Our primary goal is to assist physicians and scientists in managing and researching MPNs on a global basis.

Organizational Structure

GMPNSF Organisational Structure


GMPNSF Structure

The GMPNSF is governed by its board of directors, a set of bylaws and a constitution. Our directors are in constant exchange with the committees.


All instances work together closely on a global scale. Due to this concept, the various interests of all parties are represented effectively.


The GMPNSF will be financed through donations from individuals, and organizations, grant funding and sponsorship.

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