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Interview with Thomas Biegi: Uniting the 3P's for Advances in MPNs

In a riveting interview held during the MPN Spring Symposium, we had the pleasure of engaging with Dr. Thomas Biegi, the Vice President and Head of Corporate Affairs and Communications at MorphoSys. With a remarkable career spanning two decades in senior communications positions within the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors across diverse countries, Thomas brings a wealth of experience to the forefront.

The 3rd MPN Spring Symposium marked a pioneering effort to unite Patients, Physicians, and Pharmaceutical companies (the 3P's), highlighting the pivotal role of collaboration in driving progress within the biotech industry. Dive deeper into this transformative collaboration in our interview with Dr. Thomas Biegi.



The 3P's collaboration showcased during our interview with Dr. Thomas Biegi marks a hopeful path forward. Patients, Physicians, and Pharmaceutical companies uniting is driving innovation while preserving authenticity. The Global MPN Scientific Foundation remains dedicated to fostering this essential dialogue, ensuring a brighter, more authentic future in biotech.

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