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Empowerment Through Awareness - Canadian MPN Educational Roundtable

The MPN Educational Roundtables convened an international gathering of specialists, patients, and advocates, all dedicated to advancing the well-being of those living with Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPNs). This initiative aimed to address the distinct obstacles MPN patients face, fostering a holistic care model that blends cutting-edge research with real-life patient experiences and innovative treatments.

In an impactful Canadian session of the MPN Educational Roundtables, patients and advocates like Cheryl Petruk, CEO of HEAL Canada, shared their personal struggles and victories, emphasizing the critical need for increased awareness and support. Highlighting the "My Blood, My Health” Program, the discussion focused on empowering patients through education and advocacy, aiming to bridge the knowledge gap and improve care. This narrative showcased the community's resilience and the collective effort towards a future of enhanced understanding and support for MPN patients, underlining the power of empowerment in navigating the challenges of living with MPNs. Watch the video now!

The MPN Educational Roundtables have catalyzed a more cohesive and supportive MPN community, striving to improve the lives of patients worldwide. Through the exchange of knowledge and experiences, these forums underscore the critical need for teamwork in enhancing MPN management, achieving significant progress towards providing better care and outcomes.

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