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Insights from Peter Loffelhardt: ASH 2023

Peter Loffelhardt at ASH 2023

ASH 2023 in San Diego is over. 35,000 visitors, thousands of meters walked, 18 meetings and presentations that in the end give an impression of the future for MPN patients is positive.

I believe that there have never been so many scientific presentations on MPN, especially MF, at ASH. It is very clear that first the center of our MPN world is in the USA. Instead of center you can also say money.

We have very good professionals in Europe. Internationally the situation is different.

It is clear that the trend is towards COMBOS, combinations of Ruxolitinib with another new drug, such as Navitoclax. All these studies are in phase two or less. Something really new for MF is not there yet, but there are hints.

For the CALR mutation a vaccine is on the horizon. There is progress in the genetic technique, all very interesting and positive, but in the long term.

So I have come back from San Diego somewhat bittersweet, but there is no doubt that the future is bright. There are more drugs available, several that will come out within a short period of time, which is one to two years.

I have also seen that there are a lot of MPN specialists working for our future and that we are in good hands.

Soon I will have an interview with Profs. Ruben Mesa and Serge Verstovsek who will give us their point of view of this ASH 2023, which will surely be very different from mine.

Cheer up, we are advancing in the treatment with giant steps, a little more patience.

Peter Loffelhardt,

CEO and President

Global MPN Scientific Foundation

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