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Dive into the Agenda: What to Expect at the 4th MPN Spring Symposium!

Join us for the 4th MPN Spring Symposium, organized by the Global MPN Scientific Foundation. Taking place in Barcelona and virtually from May 24th to 26th, this symposium will offer a comprehensive agenda designed to connect patients, physicians, and pharmaceutical professionals to advance understanding of MPN and improve patient care worldwide.

Unveiling the Symposium Agenda  


Day 1: Friday, May 24th


  • Keynote Address: Dr. Claudia Zeidler will delve into the topic of itching in MPN patients.

  • Basic Information About MPN: Led by esteemed experts such as Prof. Dr. Martin Ellis, Dr. Laura Fox, Dr. Marina Kremyanskaya, Dr. Lucia Masarova, and Prof. Dr. Ruben Mesa, this session will provide fundamental knowledge about MPNs, laying the groundwork for further discussions.

  • Open Discussions & Questions: Engage in interactive sessions focused on MPN symptoms, led by a panel of distinguished speakers.

  • MPN Awards: Join us as we recognize outstanding contributions to the field of MPNs during the MPN Awards ceremony, a testament to the dedication and innovation of our community.


Day 2: Saturday, May 25th 


Day two promises immersive workshops aimed at exploring new developments and addressing treatment side effects in MPNs. Highlights include:


  • Workshop I: What’s New in MPN: Led by Prof. Rao Tata Nageswara and other esteemed speakers, this session will delve into research quality of life and the future directions of MPN research.

  • Workshop II: Side Effects of MPN Treatment: Explore topics such as anemia and the influence of Kombos on MPN patients, with insights from experts including Prof. Dr. Martin Ellis, Dr. Laura Fox, Dr. Marina Kremyanskaya, Dr. Lucia Masarova, and Prof. Dr. Ruben Mesa.


Day 3: Sunday, May 26th 


The symposium concludes with a focus on alternative treatments for MPNs, offering attendees a holistic perspective on managing symptoms. Highlights include:


  • Alternative Treatments: Engage in sessions on nutrition, breathing techniques, and Txi Kung practice, facilitated by experts Ruben Sosa, Carla Not, and Jorgina Pequera, providing attendees with valuable tools to complement traditional treatment approaches.


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