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ASCO 2023 News

ASCO is the acronym for the American Society of Clinical Oncology, a professional organization that brings together experts and stakeholders in cancer research and treatment.

Every year, ASCO organizes a meeting that attracts thousands of participants worldwide, who share their discoveries, insights and experiences on various aspects of oncology. ASCO 2023 was an exceptional event highlighting the latest innovations and challenges in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and survival. It also explored the social and environmental factors that affect cancer outcomes and disparities.

Photo credit: ASCO/Nick Agro 2023 (1, 2) and ASCO/Matt Herp 2023 (3)

Some topics covered at ASCO 2023 include new therapies and biomarkers for personalized medicine, new approaches to immunotherapy and targeted therapy, advances in molecular imaging and diagnostics, strategies to reduce toxicity and improve quality of life, and best practices, guidelines for supportive care and palliative care, ethical and legal issues in oncology, health policy and cancer control advocacy, and global collaboration and education for cancer research and care.

We are committed to keeping our MPN community updated and informed with the latest news and information on any other relevant discoveries in the MPN field.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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