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Prof. Ruben Mesa and the Latest Advances in MPNs

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

In these series of videos video, Ruben Mesa, a specialist in myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs), explains three areas of research that are advancing the knowledge and treatment of MPNs.

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Achievements in MPN Research

The first area is the biology of MPNs, which involves studying the genetic mutations that drive the disease and how they change over time. This can help them identify new therapeutic targets and predict patient prognosis.

Prof. Ruben Mesa and Advances in MPN Research

Advances in MPN Drugs

The second area is the development of new medicines for MPN, especially those that target the JAK-STAT pathway, which is frequently activated in MPN. These medications can reduce the symptoms and complications of MPNs, but they do not cure the disease.

Other medications with different modes of action are also being tested in late-stage clinical trials; these medications may modify the course of the disease or even induce remission.

Prof. Ruben Mesa and Advances in MPN Research

Upcoming Clinical Trials for MPN patients

The third area is improving patient care and quality of life for people with MPNs. Ruben Mesa emphasizes that MPN are chronic and complex diseases that require a multidisciplinary approach and individualized treatment. It also highlights the importance of patient education and advocacy to increase awareness and support for MPNs.

Prof. Ruben Mesa and Advances in MPN Research

We hope you enjoy this informative video, we are always excited about Ruben Mesa and his commitment to helping MPN patients! Together we can make a difference, join us!

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