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Bridging Borders: Interview with MorphoSys

Updated: Feb 7

Peter Loffelhardt, Founder and President of the Global MPN Scientific Foundation, hosted an interview focusing on the pharmaceutical industry, specifically introducing MorphoSys, a notable entity in this sector.

The conversation brought together key figures, including Thomas Biegi, Vice President & Head of Corporate Affairs and Communications at MorphoSys from Germany, and Elsa LaVita, Director of Patient Advocacy, based at MorphoSys's U.S.

This gathering aimed to shed light on the collaborative efforts between different regions, emphasizing the significance of international cooperation in advancing patient advocacy and pharmaceutical development. The discussion delved into the intricacies of pharmaceutical innovation, with MorphoSys at the forefront of these advancements, particularly through the development of Pelabresib, a groundbreaking treatment option for Myelofibrosis (MF) patients.

Discover more insights into this engaging discussion and the innovative approaches being taken within the pharmaceutical industry by watching the full video interview.

We invite you to join the Global MPN Scientific Foundation community, where the three P's—Patients, Physicians, and Pharmaceutical companies—come together in a unified effort to advance research, advocate for better patient care, and foster innovations that lead to more effective treatments.

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