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Open Ceremony of the MPN Spring Symposium: The 3P's - Patients, Physicians, and Pharmaceutical

Updated: Jan 3

The 3rd MPN Spring Symposium in Vienna was a groundbreaking event for the MPN community, laying the groundwork for an unprecedented convergence of critical stakeholders in the field. The opening ceremony of this distinguished event marked an important milestone, led by the president and founder of the MPN Global Science Foundation, Peter Loffelhardt. The ceremony was an explosion of hope and collaboration, uniting patients, physicians and pharmacists (3Ps) in a single event for the first time.

Peter Loffelhardt's words had important meaning, given that never before had the three Ps of the MPN community (Patients, Physicians and Pharmacists) converged in such a way, allowing them to interact and share their ideas and concerns first-hand.

The symposium offered a wealth of insights, interactions, and collaborative efforts that would shape the trajectory of MPN research and treatment, setting a new standard for unity and progress in the MPN community.

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