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Delving into PV and ET: Insights from the 3rd MPN Spring Symposium 2023

Updated: Jan 3

The 3rd MPN Spring Symposium held in Vienna was an essential platform for discussing the nuances of Polycythemia Vera (PV) and Essential Thrombocythemia (ET). This symposium uniquely brought together patients, physicians, and pharmacists (3Ps) for the very first time. One of the highlights of this symposium was the insightful contribution of Prof. Haifa Al-Ali, a distinguished expert in the field.

In addition to this, the symposium featured a significant presentation by MPN France Association, Vivre avec une NMP, titled "Septembre Rouge," shedding light on crucial aspects of living with MPNs.



Staying informed about the discussions on PV and ET is crucial for both patients and medical professionals within the MPN community. The symposium stood out for its important role, bringing together patients, physicians, and pharmacists (3Ps) in a unique gathering for the very first time. By watching the symposium video, you can deepen your understanding of PV and ET and be part of a community that stands together in the face of these disorders.

Soon you’ll be able to explore more articles and videos related to the 3rd MPN Spring Symposium to broaden your knowledge and contribute to the advancement of MPN research and care.

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