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All our activities aim to improve the lives of people with MPN. The ultimate vision of the GMPNSF is to prevent and cure the disease in the long-term.


Identify unmet needs in the treatment of MPN on an international basis.

Globally unify standards of the MPN disease, including diagnosis, symptoms, and quality of life.

Bring together the global MPN healthcare community for a set of common goals and standards regarding the treatment of MPN. 

Utilize and share information gathered through, for instance, registries for further identification of the disease on a global basis

State of the MPN Community

At the moment, there are many different scientific approaches when it comes to dealing with MPN. However, in order to treat the disease efficiently, close collaboration is required.

The final goal is to improve the lives of MPN patients and can only be achieved through common standards, consistent data collection as well as a global exchange of information.

Current State
  • Each region has its own set of guidelines and standards in how to treat MPN
  • Varying data collection methods and no communication of outcomes
  • No global scientific organization is leading the way in treating MPN 
Desired State
  • Development of common standards regarding diagnosis and treatment of MPN
  • Constant exchange of scientific information globally
  • Close collaboration of physicians and scientist as one community

It's time to think globally

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