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Getting Pregnant with MPN

For MPN patients there is a lot to consider before becoming

pregnant. We are here to help.

Support Group

Ask for support 

Deciding whether to have a baby is not easy. Discuss everything with your partner because they might not know about the issues of pregnancy with MPN. Don't be afraid to ask your family and friends for support!

Doctor's Appointment

Talk to different doctors

It is important to get counselling and an extensive risk assessment before getting pregnant. We recommend to visit more than one doctor so you get as much information as possible. This also helps to find the right doctor for you.

Doctor Examining a Pregnant Woman

Get a comprehensive plan

In MPN pregnancies there are many factors to consider. Therefore, you need a detailed delivery and postpartum plan. This makes sure, every step is thought through and gives you confidence in the process.

What to keep in mind

Before getting pregnant there is a variety of factors to consider:

  • what are potential risks for mother and child

  • when is a pregnancy considered high-risk

  • how do I choose the right doctor

  • how does my treatment change before the pregnancy

  • how can I minimise the risks

More information about this topic at our MPN Symposium on 10./11. of March 

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Doctor Talking To Patient
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